Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review: Yalmeh Foundation Brush for Liquid Foundation! Get that Airbrush Look!

*Mommy's Makin' It received this Makeup Brush to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

How many times have you bought a makeup brush just to find out that the bristles fall out? Or it just doesn't apply your makeup right? Have you been really trying to find the secret to that "Airbrush" makeup finish that everyone else seems to have? Yalmeh's Foundation Brush is the best product for liquid foundation!

Jessica from Mommy's Makin' It received the Yalmeh Foundation Brush. I have had TONS of makeup brushes over the years but never have I had one specifically designed for liquid foundation application. I used to use those triangular sponges for applying my makeup but they were so gross! They would pretty much just smear the foundation all over my face, leaving streaks along the way, and it never actually blended very well. They would smell horrible too. The Yalmeh Foundation brush is really just something amazing! It is tapered at the end for a more even application, the bristles are super dense so you can avoid streaks, and the bristles do not fall out. When applying the foundation, I just dab the brush into the foundation and then apply to my cheeks, forehead and chin, then I use circular motions to evenly distribute it. The brush blends the makeup flawlessly into your hairline too so you don't have that makeup line or hair filled with foundation! To wash, just rinse, and use a small amount of shampoo and air dry or use a blow dryer! You can get yours HERE!

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